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I love producing but besides that noise, I enjoy web designing.
I suppose it began young, whilst watching South Park.

I began my work for the CIA when I turned 14 years old, however I am still not allowed to ‘discuss’ it. I was trained to weaponize noise and alter popular musical productions. The groups and factions that I worked for, paid me in a dream-like state of mind. I have never clearly recalled a transaction because moments before we begin, I am given a shot of something transparent.  This is why I have never been able to successfully take my situation to the justice system.
My work has benefits in areas that I am not aware of, and it is my personal goal to find out what those areas are.

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My main goal is to get me and my fellow human race to a better place.

If you ever listen to my music or see my art, and think… “I want to obstruct capitalism by any means necessary,” I will die happy.


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Visual for ‘Illuminati Plug’

prod by @mijo1810






School Shooter

prod by @mijo1810






Agreement (Shed GANG)

prod by Chavonne






Goin’ Crazy (Shed GANG)






Visual for ‘Mind Control’ by Mijo 1810 (shot by Chavonne)

edited and directed by @mijo1810




Visual for ‘Domestic Terrorist’ by Mijo 1810

edited and directed by @mijo1810

produced by Kato




Visual for ‘Unnamed’ by Mijo 1810

edited and directed by @mijo1810

filmed by @silentsolution

produced by The Unbeatables




Shed Hoe prt 2 (single) produced by @mijo1810 featuring Chavonne